Special thanks to the National Cryptologic Museum at Fort George G. Meade, MD, whose staff provided the facilities necessary to perform our documentation and tests. With their kind assistance the first rotor replica was tested on an Enigma at NCM.

The second trip to NCM (the next year), provided details and hundreds of photos through the investigation of an old Enigma and its internal components and operation.

An over the years, the third trip, forth, and so on...
.. Washington and NCM got to be a favorite vacation spot for my wife and I.

Many thanks to Jennifer Wilcox, Jack Ingram, Patrick Weadon, RIck Henderson
and... Major General John Morrison and Mary (NCMF) .
National Cryptologic Museum web site:

Special thanks to Dr. David Hamer: A constant flow of technical information has been kindly provided by my friend David Hamer - Enigma historian and Visiting Research Scholar at Bletchley Park, England. Without his assistance and the M7772 Enigma, this project would be nearly impossible.

David Hamer's web site: http://home.comcast.net/~dhhamer/

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