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Enigmas for Sale, Rotors and other items.
Little known technology of German Night Fighter Infrared Targeting.

enigma parts
Enigma Historian Dr. David Hamer at Drexel University and pictures here.
"Navy Wheels", mastered in HDSL with mechanical components cast by high pressure plastic cast process.
Click the picture on the left to view HDSL page
Rotor Parts HDSL
New HDSL, High Definition Stereo Lithography, for Thumbwheel.
UKW HDSL parts
New HDSL, High Definition Stereo Lithography, for Umkehrwalze.
  Available: Zur Beachtung Placards

New Enigma Educational package being made ready for students.

Includes CD rom, photos of Enigmas, the Replica with Rotors, schematic, side view and top view educational drawings.
Includes "How it works" write up on the CD. Cost: $43.00

This is a project to document the German Kriegsmarine M4 Enigma.
This project, in collaboration with Dr. David Hamer
and his M4 Enigma M7772 will be
published in a book with all drawings and construction details to be finished by end 2006.
No drawing can be released prior to completion of the book.

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