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Note: I am building ONE M4 Replica.
So far I have spent 16 years working on it ...
and it is no where near complete.
Do not ask if I have any for sale.
I do not have any machines for sale!

Educational Packages for Students and persons of all ages.
CD By: Prof. Tom Perera Ph. D.
Two package types are available:
__________Dr Perera's CD on Enigma:
  1. This CD may be read as though it is a book. It is a long page organized in a logical sequence of topics beginning with an Index and the history of codes. It progresses through the development of code machines, the Enigma, and other cipher machines.
    $15.00 for CD only.

    ____Expanded Educational Package
  2. New expanded version has Nine - 8x10 color prints and 7 drawings (11" x 17") which includes the Enigma Schematic and Dr Perera's CD.
    Drawings are: Top x-ray Base view, right side view, left side view, back view, Advance Bar, basic Rotor drawing and Enigma schematic.
    $40.00 + $3 shipping = 43.00 total for the bound package.

    Handsomely bound in Comb-bind document form

    Photos and drawings by JW Oram.
    With credit to David Hamer and two photos of his M7772.

Dr Perera's CD on Enigma:
The German Enigma Cipher Machine was the primary device used by the German Military during WW-2 to produce what they believed were secure coded messages. This CD traces the development of codes, cipher machines, and the Enigma, its civilian and military models, its operation, strategies used to decipher its messages, and its mechanical and electrical construction. The CD also includes an excellent Enigma simulator program, a bibliography, two huge Enigma archival databases, copies of Enigma manuals and German military radio manuals, a German telegraph key museum, and an Enigma museum. By: Prof. Tom Perera Ph. D.
( 2nd Edition: Copyright (c) 2004 )


This CD may be read as though it is a book. It is a long page organized in a logical sequence of topics beginning with an Index and the history of codes. It progresses through the development of code machines, the Enigma, and other cipher machines. Instructions for making working code wheels are also included. The components of the Enigma are then described. How it works is explained, and how it was used and deciphered is covered. How it is disassembled is shown and additional sections include a bibliography, two unique and immense database archives, Enigma manuals, a book on German Radios, a German telegraph key museum, an Enigma museum, and an Enigma Simulator Software Program.

I have tried to present the material in a logical order but you may prefer to read it in another order. For instance, you may prefer to read how the Enigma works BEFORE you read about the components of the Enigma. You may select the order by using the main index at the beginning of this page. The Index Links simply move you to the desired spot in the long page. (Remember to Click ''BACK'' to return to the spot where you left the main page.)

Since most of the descriptive material on the CD is contained in a single long page, you may use the Index to help you find general material. You may also use the 'SEARCH' or 'FIND' function in your browser to allow you to search for specific words and text related to the Enigma. You may PRINT the material by using the browser File/Print function.

The two huge archival databases contain a great deal of material on Enigma, Ultra, and Codes. The NSA/National Cryptologic Museum database is a 58 page listing of all holdings in their library dealing with those subjects. The 3200 item Lou Kruh Collection contains listings of important print and non- print sources and materials. Both of these databases may be searched and printed or simply browsed.

There are over 1000 Photographs and Descriptions in this CD. Many pictures are displayed in the main text and links but there are several hundred more in the main folder. They are all .jpg files and you can view them with any photo viewer program or by loading them individually into your internet browser URL address window. In general, picture filenames that end in z (Example 010lbldz.jpg) are the small size images used in the text that correspond to the high resolution image files of the same name without the z (Example 010lbld.jpg). The next paragraph explains how to access these large, high resolution images.

Clicking-on most images gives an immediate enlargement or, (in some computer systems), with a second click-and-hold, an EXPAND button appears which gives a high resolution version of the picture that should be detailed enough for most applications including extreme enlargement and magnification of details.
(Please remember to Click ''BACK'' to Return to smaller image and text page.)

I would like to thank and dedicate this CD to the mathematicians of the Polish Cipher Bureau, Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki, and Henryk Zygalski whose work provided a theoretical and practical basis for deciphering the Enigma- enciphered messages. I would also like to acknowledge the thousands of people at Bletchley Park who refined and improved the deciphering techniques, and those who risked and lost their lives recovering critical components of Engima keys. I would particularly like to thank the historians and authors of all of the cited references, the many contributors to Cryptologia, David Kahn, Dr. Friedrich L. Bauer, Dr. Franz Pichler, Dr. David Hamer, Lou Kruh, and Jim Oram for their informative historical work. I would like to also thank the Curator of the NSA / National Cryptological Museum, Jack Ingram, the Assistant Curator, Jennifer Wilcox, and the Librarian, Rowena Clough for the assistance that they have provided.

Although all the pictures and text are copyrighted, you may use any of them for your own personal applications including public lectures and demonstrations. If you wish to use them in publications or websites or offer them for sale to the public in any form, you must email me for permission which I will generally grant as long as you mention my museum: http://w1tp.com/enigma. My email address is given at the bottom of this page. Some of the material may require contacting other copyright owners for commercial use and I will inform you by email.

Tom Perera, 2004