Comments on the Enigma project:
As a co-worker of yours, I have had the privilege of watching this extremely
interesting exercise in reverse engineering unfold before me. I have been very
impressed with your intent and methods to recreate the original dimensions
of all the parts and am not surprised in the least that the various Enigma-Replica
components are functioning as intended.
As a Mechanical Engineer, I am seeing the level of precision in both measuring
and manufacturing that would lead me to believe that the vast majority of
these parts, if not all, are within the original design tolerances. In fact, I am
certain that with your talents and focus, you are fully capable of determining
the original German manufacturing tolerances for these parts.
Learning about the German Engineering and witnessing the recreation has
been an amazing experience for me. I am eagerly waiting for the first
encrypted message between your machine and theirs.


Greg Franklin
-------------------------------------- From the video page -----------------------------------------------

Thank you for the tape and update on your project. I am impressed with
the quality you are turning out and am delighted that we have been able
to be of help to you. I certainly look forward to seeing the completed

Jack Ingram, NSA Curator


I returned home Saturday night from a week of diving in the Cayman Islands,
and your tape was in the pile of mail greeting me. I watched it yesterday
and found it fascinating. Your work is truly remarkable. Thank you so
much for sending the tape - I will share it with the other divers who
helped recover the Enigma from the U-85. I will look forward to future
updates and seeing the final product upon completion.

Roger Hunting.