Cabinet Open

Above Natural and Finished

Location Europe.

Front wood of M7772.

M4 Enigma Cabinet
The Enigma cabinet shown here is made of Red Oak, but the actual material used in Enigmas was Quarter Sawn 'Weiße Eiche' (Deutschland White Oak). This is based on my research on the M7772 Enigma made by Heimsoeth Und Rinke. I am sure there were other woods used by other manufactures. But the reason Quarter Sawn 'Weiße Eiche' was desired was that it resists cracking and moisture. Great for Naval use.

 In England they call it European Oak which is slightly darker.

A new cabinet is being made with 'Weiße Eiche'.

The backside of the latch is assembled after milling it out of an aluminium block.
Back side of the latch

The latch installed and shown in the "open" position.

The replica latch finished

The handle simulates the original "stamped steel" type seen on many Enigmas.

The replica handle 'base' is made of cast alumilite. The handle is steel rod bent using a special form designed to obtain the original shape of the handle.

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