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June 2001

With Peter Oram on assignment at Bletchley Park, England
All photos by Peter Oram.
The Bletchley Park Mansion
where Enigma ciphers were broken.

Bletchley closeup
Peter stands by one of the Enigma displays at Bletchley Park.

Peter Oram, Photographer
Peter took this nice shot of the Mansion from a distance which reveals the beauty and tranquility of the Historic site.
Bletchley from a distance
A walk outside while on tour with the guide.

Walkway 2
Another view of the walkways.
Hut 3.
Hut 6 where Gordon Welchman invented the "Diagonal Board" which increased the speed of the Bombe..
Closeup of Hut 6 shows signs of age and the need to fund the Bletchley Park Trust to restore this important part of history.
The workplace of Alan Turing at Bletchley Park
Alan Turings hut

This wooden mock-up of a German Uboat was used in the making of the film... 'Enigma'.
German Sub mockup
A showing of the movie 'Enigma' was on Sept 25th in England. The movie, made by Jagged films,
stars Kate Winslet and
Dougray Scott

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