for Enigma plates and placards
Rapid prototyping processes used to make parts direct from 3D CAD files:
1) 3D Printing process, a way to make prototype parts by printing them.
2) FDM Titan, innovative Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) by building them.

Process #1: 3D Printing process
Printed Base

3D Printing is the New technology that we are using to test Enigma cast parts.

On the left is a photo of the first base part received for the Enigma. Note it has all the holes, bosses and recesses needed for a complete part. All that is left is to tap the holes and apply cyanoacralate.

Xpress3D made the Base and AdvanceBar using the 3D printing process.
ZCorp makes the machines that
print in 3D.

Here is shown the underside of the base. This is the most difficult part to machine but is a snap with Rapid prototyping processes.

3D Printing is TAN in color.

Process #2: FDM Titan

Using a different technology, FDM Titan (Fused Deposition Modeling), Stratasys is a company that can produce parts in Polycarbonate (like Lexan). You can see a movie on their web site about this process.

Polycarbonate is white in color.

The Enigma Base....




Enigma Keyboard ....




and Rotor AdvanceBar ....


were produced by Stratasys to compare the two technologies.

With either the 3D printing or FDM Titan , these underside cutouts and holes come ready to go.
FDM produces a stronger part.